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Six of the most economical and best-selling hybrid cars

If you are planning to go green, then you should take that passion and apply it to your cars as well. Nowadays, you will find many fuel-efficient cars that consume less fuel than normal cars, thus helping to save the environment. These hybrid cars are equipped with both a petrol engine and an electric motor. But going green doesn’t necessarily mean giving up elegance and outward appearance. Since manufacturers are now starting to combine the two, hybrids are selling like hotcakes.

Here is a list of the best and most popular hybrid cars. The following six best-selling hybrids have many luxury features as well, which makes them very attractive and of course expensive.

Toyota Prius Hybrid:

It’s certainly not as big as the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid (mentioned later), but Escalade sales are nothing compared to the selling power of the Prius. In fact, the Prius is the number one selling hybrid car on the market. Eco-conscious folks love it for its excellent fuel economy and exterior design that has become its signature style. The latest version is larger, more comfortable, and also has solar panels on the roof (which don’t spoil its overall look if you care). The cheapest of all on the list, it has an attractive $24,200 price tag.

Cadillac Escalade Hybrid:

This cool car is the perfect example of how you don’t have to skip the bling to save the environment. It’s the world’s first luxury full-size luxury SUV, and therefore has a price tag of $73,850. I wouldn’t skip this one if I were you because it has features that are totally worth the price. It has a powerful V-8 engine and can seat up to eight passengers. Its high-tech interior features include: ultra-sonic rear park assist, rear camera view, and music control that automatically adapts to background noise. It comes with a 25 percent improvement in fuel economy when rated over the standard Escalade. Obviously, it doesn’t deliver as much fuel as smaller standard hybrids, but if you’re looking for the combination of luxury, space, utility, and a more eco-friendly vehicle, I highly recommend the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid.

Lexus LS600h

For those of you who want to opt for a vehicle that is smaller but just as luxurious as the Cadillac Hybrid Escalade, this is the car for you. It is the largest and most luxurious car produced by Toyota (the parent company of Lexus). It is different and unique both externally and internally. The electric motor can run the vehicle at slower speeds to save gas and provide a power boost for gas engine fuel economy at its best. I would recommend this if you want to combine an exciting excursion with green driving. Its interior is equally beautiful with a combination of smooth leather and wood. Every Lexus has a Remote Touch Interface (RTI), but this special 12.3-inch version catches the eye more from the road. It even has a rear seat entertainment system with cool underarm comfort for cold drinks. Obviously, with all of these extravagant features, the $11,910 price tag for this car is way more than the Escalade’s price.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid:

If you are looking for a family car that can accommodate a large number of people in addition to luggage and is environmentally friendly, then Toyota’s Highlander Hybrid is the perfect choice for you. It can accommodate up to seven people plus there is plenty of room for luggage, sporting equipment, etc. It has an advanced powertrain with a 3.5-liter V6 engine with two electric motors instead of the regular engine. It gives you up to 37 percent more fuel economy. It is also tough on the outside and able to withstand harsh conditions and uneven dirt roads without a hitch. Internally, as previously mentioned, it is spacious with adequate legroom. It is equipped with the latest technology such as the “Display Audio” multimedia system with a 6.1-inch touch screen and Toyota’s Entune service that offers applications such as Bing search services, and Pandora music. The price of $46,370 is in my opinion very reasonable and affordable considering all the features it offers.

Honda Civic Hybrid:

The Honda Civic hybrid is one of the most affordable hybrid cars on the market and thus it automatically earns a spot on this list. It’s not much different from the standard Civic model which makes it hard to tell. The gas-electric powertrain consists of a 1.5-liter i-VTEC inline-four that combines with an electric motor to give 110 horsepower and 127 lb-ft of torque. The exterior is the same as the Civic but the latest model has been upgraded with slightly different features and a better interior as well. The air vents have been modified and the cabin has been made more soundproof. Overall, the driving experience is also fun; It is easy to handle and accelerates well. Its price is a fair $24,360. However, it recently outperformed the cheaper Honda Insight.

Toyota Camry Hybrid:

Another Toyota on the list, which is hardly surprising considering that Toyota offers some of the best selling and popular hybrid cars. Similar to the Highlander Hybrid, this all-in-one also offers excellent performance and a comfortable and spacious interior. The engine is a 2.5-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder petrol engine with an electric motor. The car is available in two trim levels: LE and XLE. The first trim has all the basic features like A/C, keyless entry, cruise control, etc. The XLE is a more advanced version with interesting additional features such as a 6.1-inch touch screen and a leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio control. In contrast to the standard Camry, overall, there is a 26% improvement in fuel economy. Pricing is reasonable at $26,140 and the XLE version costs an additional $1,530.