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Hybrid cars – the car of the future for people on today’s roads

Buying a hybrid car might seem a bit daunting but not in the way you might think, the complexity of buying a hybrid car is what you have to choose. To help you buy, you’ll need to understand a few basic principles in a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV).

All HEVs have two power sources for their motors: electricity and combustion. When used daily on the road, the vehicle will be powered by either an electric motor or a combustion engine. However, if faster acceleration is required by the driver, both engines will work together.

There are many characteristics worth considering when buying a hybrid car, they are low emissions, fuel efficient, and the battery recharges itself while driving, thus eliminating the need to plug into a wall socket as you would with a pure electric car.

There are also other considerations to make when purchasing your HEV.

1. As a potential buyer, you must have a certain level of understanding regarding the language used in connection with the purchase of hybrid cars. According to the California Air Resources Board, the Ultra Low-Emission Vehicle is a vehicle with 50 percent cleaner emissions, compared to the new 2001 model year.

The ultra-low-emissions vehicle emits 90% cleaner emissions than a new mid-range 2002 model year vehicle. However, you will have heard about cars that produce zero emissions but they are pure electric cars and not hybrid cars, and at the moment it is impractical to produce pure electric cars.

2. You should also consider what you will be using your HEV for. Hybrid cars are best used for short-distance trips in your local area if you’ll be using them on highways, or for long trips where you won’t be expected to get much fuel savings.

3. The flip side is cost, hybrid cars are usually more expensive than regular cars but this is due to the fact that at present there are only a few more in production compared to petrol cars and they are also more complex mechanically. But these are only minor concerns given the fuel savings you’ll get.

The federal state is currently encouraging people to purchase a HEV because of the long-term benefits of reducing fuel use. There are also several tax rebates for new buyers of hybrid cars, and many cities offer free parking as an added incentive for low-emission cars.

So it’s safe to say that the people who buy hybrids are the people who buy the cars of the future.