Twenty hose workouts for a firefighter’s purposeful health – bodily coaching

Twenty hose exercises for a firefighter's functional fitness - physical training


One of many greatest benefits of purposeful health for firefighters is that we do not want a variety of particular gear to get an excellent exercise. Together with conventional health gear and body weight workouts, the instruments and gear present in our firehouses increase our purposeful coaching arsenal. This text shares 20 purposeful workouts that we are able to carry out with a hose to get a full physique exercise.

Guide: Firefighter Useful Health: The Important Information to Optimum Firefighter Efficiency and Longevity

Fundamental workouts

Our core is the muse and start line of our physique. Use the next 4 workouts that concentrate on the entrance, again and sides of all the physique.

  • Plank pull-through (Determine 1). Right here, carry out a typical plank together with your ft shoulder-width aside. Place the sting of the hose reel/bundle together with your left hand. Along with your proper hand, pull the hose to the suitable aspect of your physique. Alternate sides 30-60 seconds per plank.

(1) Pictures by Jim Moss.

  • Facet bend (Determine 2). Lateral curls, often known as indirect crunches, are glorious for constructing lateral core power. Whereas standing, maintain the hose reel in a single hand and bend sideways out of your hip to a depth of six inches. Return to the beginning place and repeat a set of 10-20 repetitions on either side of the physique.

  • Good morning (Determine 3). Begin from a standing place and place the bundle of hose in your shoulders. Slowly decrease your physique ahead till it’s parallel to the bottom. Increase again to the beginning place in a managed method. To cut back the pressure in your decrease again, bend your knees barely as you decrease. If this motion is just too troublesome with a hose reel, attempt it with out weight, put your arms behind your head. Warning: Keep away from this train in case you have a historical past of low again ache injury.

  • Steps (Determine 6). Maintain a hose reel in every hand or place a bundle of hose in your shoulders. Carry out steps on a field, train bench or sturdy chair. Do 10 reps with every leg main (ie 10 reps on the suitable leg, 10 reps on the left leg).

  • Hose Hop Burpee (7). Place the tube on the aspect of your physique. Do a Burpee after which bounce sideways over the hose. Repeat the set for 10-30 repetitions per set.

    Full physique power coaching

    The next 10 workouts give us a holistic method to purposeful power coaching utilizing pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying and dragging actions.

  • Elevated push-ups (Determine 8). Do you know that the elevated push-up is 15% more durable than the common push-up? It’s because extra weight is concentrated in your higher physique. Increase your legs with 2-3 stacked energy hose reels and carry out one push-up.

  • Standing overhead press (Determine 9). Whereas standing, maintain the hose reel/bundle with each arms towards your chest. Connect the core and press the tubing above your head. Should you use a hose reel, you can too do single-arm overhead presses.

  • Squat (Determine 10). Distribute the hose bundle evenly over each shoulders or maintain it in your chest with each arms. Along with your ft shoulder-width aside, squat right down to the depth of the seat and are available again up. Problem your self with tempo squats by slowing down the descent and ascent for greater than 5 seconds.

  • Bumpers (Determine 11). A push-up is a mixture of a squat and an overhead press consecutively. Maintain the hose reel/bundle towards your chest whereas standing and squat down. Push your physique up whereas pushing the tube above your head. Return the tube to your chest and repeat the sequence. Word: A enjoyable variation for props can be to position a hose reel/bundle on the prime of a grounded ladder after which elevate the highest of the ladder towards your chest. Squat down, push up and raise the highest of the ladder above your head.

  • Hose lifter (Determine 12). Connect the rope to the hose reel. Subsequent, discover a staircase or different raised platform and carry out hose lifts by pulling the rope from one hand to the opposite.

    Alternatively, you should use a rope and a set pulley positioned within the hose tower. Increase and decrease the hose part in a managed method. Word: Remember to put on gloves!

  • Weighted sled pull (Determine 13). Throw a number of rolls of hose onto a weight sled or picket platform. Tie a hose to it and pull it 25-50 ft.
    • Loaded assault hose pull (determine 14). Stand or kneel on the bottom and run 50-100 ft of charged assault hose (1 or 2 inches) from hand handy.

    • Farmers Carry (determine 15). It does not get any less complicated than Farmers Carry. Simply take one or two sections of coiled tubing and carry them at arm’s size for 50 to 100 ft. Carrying a single coil of tubing (eg, uneven transport) is fascinating as a result of it develops core power. Problem your self by finishing the Farmers Carry up a hill or stairs whereas doing steps.

    • Lunges (determine 16). Thread the hose bundle over each shoulders or over one shoulder. Alternatively, you’ll be able to carry a hose reel at arm’s size when performing lunges. Carrying one roll in only one hand challenges your core power. Lunge variations embrace ahead lunges, strolling lunges, backward lunges, and aspect lunges.

    • Pulling the availability line (determine 17). Place the hose over your shoulder, lean ahead and pull it 50-100 ft with a dry part or two unrolled hoses. Rookies can select a three-inch hose, however if you need an actual problem, go for a five-inch hose.


      The subsequent three hose stretches (pun supposed) use static stretching to extend our flexibility throughout post-workout cool-downs.

    • Garland Pose (Determine 18). Stand together with your ft barely wider than shoulder width aside. Maintain the hose reel with each arms and sink your physique in the direction of the ground. You’ll really feel a robust stretch in your groin and hips.
      • Indirect stretch (determine 19). Stand together with your ft shoulder width aside. Maintain the hose reel in your proper hand and place your left hand on the again of your head. Protecting your hips nonetheless, sink sideways till you are feeling a stretch in your left indirect. Repeat the identical course of on the alternative aspect of your physique.

      • Youngsters posing (image 20). Kneel down and sit in your ankles. Bend on the hips and lean ahead to position your arms on the hose reel/bundle. Your arms ought to be straight above your head as you press your chest into the bottom. Relaxation your head on the bottom. This stretch improves shoulder, chest and again flexibility.

      There are numerous workouts that we are able to use the tube whereas figuring out on the station. Because of the creativity and adaptableness of every firefighter, there’s a restrict to coaching with a hose. It isn’t solely an affordable strategy to train, however utilizing a hose additionally will increase muscle reminiscence and confidence with an necessary work-related software.

      DAN KERRIGAN and JIM MOSS are the authors of the best-selling e-book Firefighter Useful Health: The Important Information to Optimum Firefighter Efficiency and Longevity. They communicate internationally at fireplace departments and conferences, together with FDIC Worldwide.

      Dan Kerrigan and Jim Moss will current The 4 Pillars of Firefighter Useful Health, Well being and Wellness at FDIC Worldwide in Indianapolis, Indiana on Tuesday, April 25, 2023 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 11 Steps. The tradition of Firefighter Health on Wednesday 26 April 2023 from 1.30pm to three.15pm

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